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How we can help You

Keep your customers In-House

Why refer your clients to a stranger when you can help them?  

You can now add Mortgages to the services your company offers.  

Mortgage transactions create opportunities for you to identify your borrowers’ needs for other services as well.

At America's Choice, we offer you a compliant and efficient mortgage solution.  

Unlike going to a Bank, we are a Mortgage Company and we will not target your clients for other financial services.

Increase Profitability

While offering direct access into the secondary mortgage market, America's Choice handles the resource-consuming back office of mortgage fulfillment with Processing, Compliance, Underwriting, Closing & Servicing. You reap the reward of the profit, without the additional staff.  Zero start up costs and instant fee income. 

Market to your customers

We provide sophisticated Lead Generation tools to help you market your new service. 

Educate the borrowers

We will provide all the online and printed collateral, branded to you, to educate your borrowers.

Let us tackle Compliance

In today’s environment, managing the compliance involved with a mortgage operation can be the very reason community-based Banks and Credit Unions don’t look to open their own mortgage division.  

However, having a viable partner like America's Choice for this segment of your business is crucial for serving additional needs of your clients and growing as a financial institution.

Partnering Made Easy

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Phil Cloutier
Loan Officer

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